2012 Olympics Volunteer Positions & Available Jobs

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The 2012 London Olympics has provided thousands of jobs across the Capital, from jobs in the T.V and Radio reporting on the Games, to security and catering. To be precise, over 100,000 people will be given paid work directly in relation to the Olympic Games this summer. There is also a huge demand for Voluntary 'Games Makers' to work at the Olympics throughout the Games.

The Games Makers will provide help to the thousands of visitors to the Olympic site. Becoming a Games Maker is a fantastic opportunity for anybody who wants to enter a career in events management or PR, since working on the Olympic Games gives a unique insight into how a large sporting event is organised and run. And, of course, Games Makers will be able to see many of the events of the Games! Unfortunately, the Games Makers have now all been selected from over 240,000 applicants, who began applying way back in September 2010.

It is still possible to volunteer as a 'Sport Maker'. Sport Makers are an off-shoot organisation, in collaboration with the Olympics and Paralympics. Becoming a Sport Maker is a great opportunity for people who are enthusiastic about sport and want to help sporting communities (such as local football clubs, or school sporting teams) to flourish and grow. Volunteers to become Sport Makers will be an official part of the 2012 London Olympics organisational team!

All current paid employment positions can be found on the official London 2012 Olympics website. However, a few jobs currently still up for grabs (available at time of going to print in May 2012) at the Olympics include:

Driver/Runner in Creative Department
This position will be really behind the scenes of the Olympics, driving equipment and helping the Creative teams ( involved in both television and the management of live events during the Games) to run their projects smoothly. A fantastic position for anyone looking for a way into television production or events management.

Creative Division Producers Internship Programme
Although there is no salary for this internship, all travel expenses are covered. Working on an internship programme at such a high profile event as the Olympics will make a CV really stand out. This position would be ideal for anybody looking to go into television production, events management or creative direction.

Service Desk Manager This demanding IT job would be a breath of fresh air for any individual with an IT background. Responsible for numerous logistic and IT services throughout the duration of the Games, this interesting and challenging job has a competitive salary. Ideal for anyone looking for a career in IT management and/or Logistics.

In addition, catering agencies all across London are employing more waiters, waitresses, bar staff and hosts to meet the increased demand that the 2012 Olympic Games will call for. Catering Agencies will be used throughout the Games, not only in areas serving the public, but in back-stage areas including competitor's celebrations and media events.