London Paralympic Games in 2012

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This year's Summer Paralympic Games is the 14th Paralympics that will happen between 29th August and 9th September 2012. This will be held in London, United Kingdom after it successfully won the bidding process to host the prestigious sport event. While this will be going to be London's 3rd Olympic Games, this is said to be the first ever Paralympic Games to be staged in this area.
The preparations for the incoming Paralympics have been very tedious involving huge sums of money. The preparation officially started during the 2005 bid to host the event.

Paralympics Committee

The London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games was established to look into the staging of the event. They held their first board meeting on October 2005. The said committee is headed by Lord Coe. The committee is in charge of the implementation and staging of each game in the program. Meanwhile, the Olympic Delivery Authority looks into the construction of the venues and infrastructure needed for the events.

Under the Department of Culture, Media and Sports, the Government Olympic Executive, leads the entire Government body in the coordination of the London 2012 Olympics. The Government Executive sends updates to the Minister for Sports and the Olympics.
Last August 2011, a series of issues hounded the preparations as there were riots that took place in England pushing some countries to express fear over such incidents. However, the International Olympic Committee assured that those riots will not affect, in any way, the Paralympics.

Paralympic Day

On September 2011, London held the Paralympic Day in Trafalgar Square. The said event is a celebration of the Paralympic Games in which they features 20 games in the festival. There were sessions in which people with hearing disabilities can join. This event features some well-known athletes including Ellie Simmonds, Oscar Pistorius and Sascha Kindred. During the 12-hour showcase, a bronze status of Pistorious was unveiled.

Test Olympic Village Events

There have been many events that were held since 2011 up until today. Some events were not open to the public, while some require tickets. BMX and basketball as among the first events tested at the Olympic Park.

Sports Paralympic Events

This is the first ever Paralympics to be held since the 2000 Summer Paralympics held in Sydney where the committee decided to allow athletes with intellectual disabilities (ID) to join. Some of the events under the ID classification include table tennis, swimming and athletics.
Twenty competitions are included in the program:

  1. Archery
  2. Athletics
  3. Boccia
  4. Cycling (Road/Track)
  5. Equestrian
  6. Football 5-a-side
  7. Football 7-a-side
  8. Goalball
  9. Judo
  10. Powerlifting
  11. Rowing
  12. Sailing
  13. Shooting
  14. Swimming
  15. Table Tennis
  16. Volleyball
  17. Wheelchair Basketball
  18. Wheelchair Fending
  19. Wheelchair Rugby
  20. Wheelchair Tennis

As for the tickets, the organizers estimate that about 1.5 million will be sold. Tickets have been made available since September 9, 2011. The public can also watch free events like road cycling and marathon. The ticket for the paid events costs between 10 and 45.