Introduction to London Airports

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We will introduce you to the available airports that service the city of London with the purpose of travelling to various destinations across Europe, USA and other parts of the world. All of these airports offer good transportation and accommodation to fulfil all passengers needs. You will find a wide range of flight costs to choose from, depending on the carrier you decide to use. With prices ranging from very low with the budget airlines to the more expensive charges of Business Class and First Class on long haul flights.

  1. Heathrow LHR : London Heathrow was officially opened in 1929 and is located 14 miles West of Central London. You have various means of transportation to get you to the airport, but probably the most efficient one is the tube. This airport is the busiest airport of London and is equipped with 5 terminals and 3 runaways. BAA Limited owns and manages this airport serving 90 different airlines operating flights. From here you can reach over 170 global destinations.
  2. Gatwick LGW : Gatwick was opened in the 20s and is the second busiest airport in London. It is located about 28 miles South of Central London and has 2 terminals and 1 runaway. It is the busiest single use runaway that is operated in the world serving more than 60 airlines flying to different locations across the world. It serves mainly budget airlines and charter flights.
  3. London Stansted STN : Stansted opened in 1943 and has 1 terminal and ranks as the third busiest and largest airport in UK. It is located 30 miles North East of Central London. BAA Limited owns London Stansted airport serving more than 21 airlines that operate flights to various destinations across the world. Low cost carriers and budget airlines offer low priced flights to many destinations departing from this airport as well as long haul carriers flying Worldwide.
  4. Luton Airport LTN : This London airport opened in 1938 ranks as the fourth of Londons busiest airports and is located about 35 miles North of Central London. It is equipped with 1 terminal and 1 runaway serving mostly 9 main airlines for passengers and 5 airlines for cargo services. One other thing to note is that it serves mainly European destinations and only some flights to North America and Asia.
  5. London City Airport LCY : City Airport ranks as the smallest airport of all the available ones in London. It was opened in 1986 with 1 runaway serving London and is extensively used by business travellers from the financial London district. It is located 7 miles East of the City of London and 11 airlines operate from here to take you to various different destinations nationally, across Europe and also has Worldwide flights to destinations like New York.